The Engineering Department provides technical and engineering assistance to various departments, planning/zoning boards, residents, and the Township Council.

The department is involved in specification and plan preparation, construction inspection, and administration and coordination of a variety of municipal projects and improvements. Such projects include water supply, storage and distribution, road and drainage, park and recreation facilities, building and grounds improvements, solid waste, wastewater management, and subdivision construction.

The department also maintains the Township's Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides public information maps, including planimetric, aerials, road maps, zoning maps, and tax maps. The goal of the Engineering Department is to continue to enhance and sustain the quality of life for the residents of the Township of Sparta.

Sparta Township Related Maps

Recently Completed Projects

  1. Buildings
  2. Parks
  3. Roads
  4. Streetscape

Buildings & Grounds

Municipal Building:

  • New Townhall Project - 2006
  • Site Work (curbing, paving and front plaza)

Sparta Library:

  • Backup Generator - 2014