Sparta Recreation will be offering swim lessons at Camp Sacajawea for
ALL Sparta children.   You can register you child independently or you can include them in the camp day for an additional fee.  (You do not have to attend camp to take the lessons.)

LEVEL I: Basic water safety, supported float & kick on front & back, alternating arm action & submerge face for three (3) seconds.
LEVEL II: Hold breath submerged three seconds, prove supine float & glide, flutter kick and arm action front & back turning over.
LEVEL III: Coordinate front & back crawl, elementary back stroke, reverse directions & beginning dive.
LEVEL IV: Rotary breathing, increase swimming distance, breaststroke, & side stroke kicks & tread water for two minutes.                                            
LEVEL V: Introduction to competitive strokes, starts and turns.
  • Please choose appropriate level from chart above.
  • Then match time for your child’s age according to the chart. 
  • If necessary, swim instructors will change levels to meet your child’s needs.
  • Match activity # to your chosen session (session I or II).
  • Swim lessons will meet Mon-Thursday, with Friday as a raindate. (The only exception is the week of July 4th.  There will be no swim lessons on July 4th, and they will meet every other day that week.)

COST: $40 PER SESSION             

Level Time Age Session I: 7/2-7/13 Session II: 7/16-7/27
      Activity # Level Cost Activity # Level Cost
IV & V 9:00-9:30 6+ 108281-A1 IV & V $40 108291-A1 IV & V $40
III 9:30-10:00 6-9 years 108281-B1 III $40 108291-B1 III $40
II 10:00-10:30 6-9 years 108281-C1 II $40 108291-C1 II $40
II 10:30-11:00 3-5 years 108281-D1 II $40 108291-D1 II $40
I 11:00-11:30 6-9 years 108281-E1 I $40 108291-E1 I $40
I 11:30-12:00 3-5 years 108281-F1 I $40 108291-F1 I $40



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