FALL 2018

SPARTA T-BIRDS T-BALL                                                   Ages: 3-4 years
A fun, instructional introduction to baseball for 3 and 4 year old boys and girls.  Players learn the basics of throwing, catching, fielding, batting and base running and then apply what they have learned in fun, non-competitive games.  Sessions are one hour long, one day a week, and include all instruction and game play in one outing.  Instruction is conducted by Jump Start Sports staff coaches.  Players receive a Major League Baseball hat, team tee shirt, and a baseball medal.  Volunteer coaches may also participate in a detailed coaches training program provided by Jump Start Sports. *Please note that this class will be run on a rotating basis: Your child will play 3 games at 4:30pm and 3 games at 5:30pm.  That schedule will be handed out prior to the start of the season.)  Location: Station Park (N/C: 10/8)

Activity # Day Time Age Session Dates Fee
201033-A1 Mon 4:30-6:30 3 & 4 6 weeks 9/10-10/22 $85

GIGGLE TIME                                                                       Ages: 2-3 years
Giggle Time is designed to help your child develop positive associations with a classroom environment, make new friends, and gain confidence while interacting playfully with a teacher and peers-all while learning basic educational concepts.  With a caregiver to help guide and encourage them, students participate in group and individual activities at their own pace.  Each class introduces a new theme that students will explore through circletime, art, music/movement, play doh, bubbles and storytime.  Please bring a snack.  (N/C: 11/6) Sibilings welcome! Instructor: Kris Harms

Activity # Day  Time Age Session Dates Fee
201031-A1  Tues   10:15-11:00am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 9/11-10/16 $48
201031-B1  Tues   11:15-12:00noon   2-3 years I-6 weeks 9/11-10/16 $48
201031-C1  Tues   10:15-11:00am 2-3 years II-6 weeks 10/30-12/11 $48
201031-D1  Tues   11:15-12:00noon   2-3 years II-6 weeks 10/30-12/11 $48

DANCING DIVAS                                                                Ages: 3-7 years
This fun class is great for children with little or no dance experience.  Class will focus on basic dance moves, leaps and step combinations. Students should wear leotards & ballet slippers. (N/C: 9/19, 11/21)

Instructor: Cristina VanVooren

Activity # Day Time Age Session Dates Fee
201022-A1 Wed 4:30-5:15pm 3-4 years I-6 weeks 9/12-10/24 $48
201022-B1 Wed 5:30-6:15pm 5-7 years I-6 weeks 9/12-10/24 $48
201022-C1 Wed 4:30-5:14pm 3-4 years II-5 weeks 11/7-12/12 $40
201022-D1 Wed 5:30-6:15pm 5-7 years II-5 weeks 11/7-12/12 $40

PRESCHOOL—LITTLE HANDS DRAWING:                    Ages: 4-5 years
Encourage your preschooler's enthusiasm for drawing.  Young Rembrandts introduces drawing lessons that will excite your budding artist.  Learning to draw basic shapes is an essential building block for every artist.  Our lady bug and gumball machine provide excellent practice for drawing circle shapes.  From there, our lessons will become more challenging.  The clown puppet and Frankenstein monster are great introductions to character drawings.  Other drawings like the delicious candy bag and beautiful fall scene will strengthen your child's compositional skills.  Enroll your child into a Young Rembrandts class today.  They will LOVE it!  (N/C: 10/31, 11/21)

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
201045-A1 Wed 11:35-12:35pm 4-5 years I-5 weeks 9/26-10/24 $72
201045-B1 Wed 11:35am-12:35pm 4-5 years II-5 weeks 11/7-12/12 $72

BABY & TODDLER YOGA                                                     Ages: 3 months-3 years
Experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga while bonding with your child.  Children enjoy interactive songs and yoga to promote natural healthy growth, flexibility and brain stimulation. Moms will tone, regain flexibility and learn relaxation techniques. Instructor: Heather Bivona

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
201035-A1 Thurs 10:15-11:00am 3mo-3 years I-7 weeks 9/13-10/25 $56
201035-B1 Thurs 10:15-11:00am 3mo-3 years II-6 weeks 11/1-12/20 $48

L’IL JUMPERS Brought to you by: Giant Gymnastics    Ages: 2-5 years                                            
This class is for tots ages 2 to 5 years of age. This program provides a child (guided by one of his or her caregivers) with his/her first structured exercise experience in a fun and colorful learning atmosphere. You will learn and use proven techniques to help develop your child's sensory motor coordination and self-confidence. Through the use of gymnastics equipment such as incline mats, barrels, tunnels, trampolines, and balance beams, your child will not only enhance his/her balance and coordination, but will also have a wonderful time of learning and discovery!

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
201032-A1 Fri 9:30-10:15am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 9/14-10/19 $65
201032-B1 Fri 10:30-11:15am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 9/14-10/19 $65
201032-C1 Fri 11:35am-12:20pm 4-5 years I-6 weeks 9/14-10/19 $65
201032-D1 Fri 2:00-2:45pm 4-5 years I-6 weeks 9/14-10/19 $65
201032-E1 Fri 9:30-10:15am 2-3 years II-5 weeks 11/2-12/14 $55
201032-F1 Fri 10:30-11:15am 2-3 years II-5 weeks 11/2-12/14 $55
201032-G1 Fri 11:35am-12:20pm 4-5 years II-5 weeks 11/2-12/14 $55
201032-H1 Fri 2:00-2:45pm 4-5 years II-5 weeks 11/2-12/14 $55

LEARN TO SKATE                                                             Ages: 7 & Up
Sparta Recreation is partnering with Skylands Ice World to offer an entry level "Learn to Skate" program, including 10 weeks of ice skating instruction, coached by Kim Sutton-Murphy.  Program cost: $160.  Registration for this program is on-line only through the Skylands Ice website:  www.skylandsiceworldnj.com.