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GIGGLE TIME                                                                       Ages: 2-3 years
Broaden your child’s experiences through group and individual activities & join others in a playful yet socially structured atmosphere, outside the home.  Bring a snack. (N/C: 2/20 & 4/3)

Activity # Day Time Age Session Dates Fee
301031-A1 Tues 10:15-11:00am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 1/16-2/27 $48
301031-B1 Tues 10:15-11:00am 2-3 years II-6 weeks 3/6-4/17 $48

DANCING DIVAS                                                                Ages: 3-7 years
This fun class is great for children with little or no dance experience.  Class will focus on basic dance moves, leaps and step combinations. Students should wear leotards & ballet slippers.

Instructor: Cristina VanVooren (N/C: 4/4)

Activity # Day Time Age Session Dates Fee
301022-A1 Wed 4:30-5:15 3-4 years I-6 weeks 1/17-2/21 $48
301022-B1 Wed 5:30-6:15 5-7 years I-6 weeks 1/17-2/21 $48
301022-C1 Wed 4:30-5:15 3-4 years II-6 weeks 3/7-4/18 $48
301022-D1 Wed 5:30-6:15 5-7 years II-6 weeks 3/7-4/18 $48

PRESCHOOL—LITTLE HANDS DRAWING:                    Ages: 4-5 years
The long winter months can easily lead to boredom or restlessness.  Alleviate any creative dormancy with a fun-filled Young Rembrandts class!  We begin the season with a lesson that teaches our students shape recognition, as they create a colorful pattern using basic geometric shapes.  Winter-themed lessons like our snow dome and ice skate drawings will excite the imagination.  Illustrations featuring a cuddly kitten and monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex will provide a great introduction to drawing animals.  All this and more awaits your budding artist.  Enroll your child today! (N/C: 4/4)

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
301045-A1 Wed 11:35am-12:35pm 4-5 years I-6 weeks 1/17-2/21 $85
301045-B1 Wed 11:35am-12:35pm 4-5 years II-6 weeks 3/7-4/18 $85

BABY & TODDLER YOGA                                                     Ages: 3 months-3 years
Experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga while bonding with your child.  Children enjoy interactive songs and yoga to promote natural healthy growth, flexibility and brain stimulation. Moms will tone, regain flexibility and learn relaxation techniques. (N/C: 4/5) Instructor: Heather Bivona

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
301035-A1 Thurs 10:15-11:00am 3mo-3 years I-6 weeks 1/18-2/22 $48
301035-B1 Thurs 10:15-11:00am 3mo-3 years II-6 weeks 3/8-4/19 $48

L’IL JUMPERS Brought to you by: Giant Gymnastics    Ages: 2-5 years                                            
This class is for tots ages 2 to 5 years of age. This program provides a child (guided by one of his or her caregivers) with his/her first structured exercise experience in a fun and colorful learning atmosphere. You will learn and use proven techniques to help develop your child's sensory motor coordination and self-confidence. Through the use of gymnastics equipment such as incline mats, barrels, tunnels, trampolines, and balance beams, your child will not only enhance his/her balance and coordination, but will also have a wonderful time of learning and discovery! (N/C: 3/30-4/6)

Activity # Day Time Ages Session Dates Fee
301032-A1 Fri 9:30-10:15am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 1/19-2/23 $65
301032-B1 Fri 10:30-11:15am 2-3 years I-6 weeks 1/19-2/23 $65
301032-C1 Fri 2:00-2:45pm 4-5 years I-6 weeks 1/19-2/23 $65
301032-D1 Fri 9:30-10:15am 2-3 years II-5 weeks 3/9-4/20 $55
301032-E1 Fri 10:30-11:15am 2-3 years II-5 weeks 3/9-4/20 $55
301032-F1 Fri 2:00-2:45pm 4-5 years II-5 weeks 3/9-4/20 $55

LEARN TO SKATE                                                             Ages: Pre-School & Up
Sparta Recreation is partnering with Skylands Ice World to offer an entry level "Learn to Skate" program, including 10 weeks of Ice Skating instruction,  coached by Kim Sutton-Murphy.  Kim is the Director of the Skylands Skating Academy, and has an extensive background in figure skating. The cost for the 10 week, one hour sessions is $160.  Registration for this program is on-line only through the Skylands Ice World website:


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